Saturday, February 15, 2014

Learning to love yourself

My whole life I've been very insecre I've never really been the prettiest, slimmest, smartest person. I struggled with constant mind battles and most of it was because of something i went through growing up. But as time went by and i got older there was one thing i realized that no matter what you look like small, big, pretty, or not so pretty there's one man who will always love you just for who you are because he created you to be who you are you were designed for a purpose in this world and don't let the negative thoughts or spoken words keep you from striving for what God has for you.his ways are so much better choose to be the better person and stand up to the enemy and claim what's your your a diamond in God's eyes accept it and be the best you can be...

Learn to love God and he will teach you how to love yourself..

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  1. Heyy.. That sounds like me too! God is soo good ��